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The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion is an ARMA series based co-op realism unit.  We practice real world tactics used by the Canadian Armed Forces to accomplish objectives in game.  

Our Mission

We strive to maintain a the closest experience possible to that of a Canadian soldier on today's battlefields, while above all keeping it fun. 


We are strictly a cooperative unit, this means we work together against AI on a variety of operations.  Our operations are designed using ALIVE allowing us to maintain a persistent and realistic deployment.  We use a number of mods aside from CAF to enhance gameplay and immersion into the missions.  


We play on Sundays starting at 2000 Eastern Standard Time.  We expect all members to be connected to the server within 15 minutes of this time placing emphasis on individuals to keep mods up to date and working.  


Unlike most units, our focus has always been on quality over quantity.  All applicants to 1CPB under go a quick screening process and must complete all basic training before attending any unit Operations or Training events.  For more info and to start the recruit process visit the About Us tab.